MAK Community Care is a pioneering, independent specialist provider of care with a support team-led model that is set to truly enhance care and support in the UK.

Supporting adults with complex care requirements, mental health needs, learning disabilities, autism and delivering bespoke packages of support based on individual needs.

Support provided is truly flexible ranging from a few hours each day to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week within your own home or a range of amazing properties from small-scale shared accommodation to private self-contained homes.

Why choose Mak Community Care?

We are committed to providing a truly personalised service, with honesty and transparency, no matter the situation.


We are all about trust and honesty.  Our Support teams understand and appreciate what it feels to truly have professional freedom with responsibility.  No unnecessary layers of management and bureaucracy allowing them to manage themselves and filter this ethos to those whom they are supporting.


We are focused on promoting your independence and getting involved in your community is crucial.  We value community relations very highly and our support teams will work tirelessly with you to build community relationships, giving you numerous options to get involved and make a difference.


Everything we do is driven by our values. A commitment to enable you to be the best you can be; a commitment to excellence. We believe there is a better way; a way which empowers our teams and the people we support to become truly independent.


We are all about teams.  You will not only have a support worker but a support team who will work with you allowing you to flourish without overbearing management structures.  The most important people are you, your loved ones and your support team.

Be the best you can be…Because MAK cares…

  • We are focused on supporting you to be the best version of yourself. Everyone is unique and we believe that recognising that individuality is key to providing truly 'person-centred support and care. MAK support teams are designed to work with you to give you the tools to achieve your goals, whatever they may be...

For more information, please call us on 01522457220 or contact us here