Our Quality Services

MAK Community Care provide care and support within smaller scale supported living environments and within your own home. Our innovative concept of local, self-managing support teams means that individuals will receive the care and support required to live as independently as possible with continuity of care and help on hand when needed.

  • Specialists in Mental Health
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Autism
  • Complex Care and Challenging Behaviours


MAK Community Care specialise in offering a full range of services for people experiencing mental health difficulties from 24 hour supported accommodation to outreach support for a few hours a day in the community.

We are already working in accordance with the new reforms proposed in the Mental Health Act and are passionate about creating change whereby the people we support are at the centre of everything we do.

Our Services include:

  • Step-down accommodation services for customers leaving specialist inpatient services.
  • 24-hour care services for people with care and support needs.
  • Community-based floating support for people in their own homes

By offering this range of services we believe we will enable those commissioning mental health care to:

  • Achieve transformation of mental health services.
  • Offer alternatives to inpatient admission in the community.
  • Make efficiency savings by avoiding inpatient stays or out of county placements.

By employing a co-ordinated approach – working in close collaboration with local authorities, clinical practitioners, community mental health teams together with the family and friends of the person wherever possible, we deliver personalised support and care for those experiencing mental health difficulties.

Our mental health supported living and home care services are better alternatives to continued residential and institutional placements: Supporting independence while providing a safe and protected environment. Housing with care and support can be a step on the recovery journey for those leaving high support services, with a focus on medication support, risk management and independent living skills.